Tis the Season: Making the Most of the Pre-Christmas Excitement

Tis the Season: Making the Most of the Pre-Christmas Excitement

“Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.” – Valentine Davies. Christmas is a time of cheer, happiness and joy for many people. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with family members and close friends, something that has been severely restricted for many during the pandemic. For some families, it’s even the only chance they have in a given year to come together and be able to spend some quality time with one another. The holidays can be a time of immense pleasure, but they can also bring on stress and feeling overwhelmed. Building up to Xmas in fun and enjoyable ways can help alleviate pressure while making sure the whole family has memories that last a lifetime.

Enjoyable Activities Leading up to Christmas

Parenting Through Stories highlights that being prepared in advance is key when it comes to taking away much-needed Christmas stressors like money worries or finding friends for your kids during their school break. Making lists, organizing plans and even allowing extra screen time – when used wisely – will make life easier for you as the festive approaches begin. Find new ways to introduce Christmas cheer through creative storytelling every night before bedtime with stories like ‘The Snowman’ or feel-good books like ‘The Jolly Postman’ filled with cheerful characters who spread joy everywhere they go. Immersing yourself in these magical tales is a sure way to bond with your children using laughs. To take it one step further, you can even take the kids out to meet Santa Claus. By visiting their local mall in search of Saint Nick, they’ll get a chance to make a holiday moment truly memorable. 

Whatever you do leading up to Christmas doesn’t have to cost much–it just has to come from the heart. One small but meaningful gesture would be breaking out some eggnog near or around an open fireplace. The PioneerWoman states that Another classic Christmas time tradition has been cooking up a home cooked feast all day long before diving into dinner together with loved ones– sharing merry stories exchanged over potatoes drenched in gravy tastes wonderful on such a pious occasion. If you feel like having more fun outdoors, then gather everyone together for caroling sessions along the streets near holiday light displays. This is also a great way of passing on those nostalgic melodies down generations while soaking in that special festive feeling in the air. To top that off, galvanize players over to gaming screens and play some Christmas themed online games. This will not only help in solidifying family bonds but will also help you get into that holiday spirit.  

The Power of Christmas in Bringing People Together

One key way that relationships are strengthened between people during this time of giving is through random acts of kindness. NR Times notes that doing something generous, such as cooking someone’s favorite meal or donating items like coats and hats, can go a long way toward building strong connections – positive actions speak louder than words. Although there are still individuals who fear their kind acts may be misinterpreted by those around them, BBC Radio 4 ran The Kindness Test survey, which showed these were the most common reasons why people weren’t always as kind as they would hope to be at Christmas time. However, no matter how small that act might be, it all helps build up goodwill in society, so let’s make sure there is plenty of extra generosity filled moments shared throughout December.

When done right, the time leading up to Christmas will be an experience that’ll surely produce sweet memories worth remembering for many Christmases to come. After all, it’s not about how much individuals spend or receive, but rather because this is the special cozy time of year when miracles can truly happen, so long as families are gathered together.


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