Know here the Difference between No caller id and Unknown Caller on iPhone

Difference between No caller id and Unknown Caller on iPhone

In this tech-savvy era, everything needs to have a connection digitally. Since speed is the new unit of this era’s progress, people cannot stay detached from the technical devices. And one device that has become as frequently important for us as breathing is the smart cell phones. 

The easiest and the most convenient way for anyone to connect with the other ones are through this magical device. Just by dialing the number on the digital keypad, one can reach miles away to their beloveds in a different time zone.  This is the best advantage of having a smart phone. But, just the way you can reach anyone of your choice by this device, there are also pockets though which anyone can reach you if they want. Yes, the unknown calls, the prank calls, the spam calls are also the most frequent ones that we come across every single day. 

The calls that we receive in our phones with display showing the numbers and not the names are known as the unknown contacts. Their numbers usually are not registered or saved. Or they might be random numbers. Sometimes, they are sales calls; sometimes they are bank calls or some other time, they are just the spam calls. Now how to identify these calls and decide which one to take and which one to not. 

This article gives a special explanation to the calls that an iPhone user receives either in name of ‘unknown caller ids’ or ‘no id’. From here, one would know how to differentiate these two types of calls and what are the ways to handle them. 

About Caller Id on iPhone

A telephone service known as caller ID gives the call recipient access to the caller’s phone number and, in some situations, their name.


Caller ID’s main objective is to assist users in screening incoming calls so they may choose whether to accept, reject, or send the call to voicemail depending on the provided information.

Prank calls are less common as a result of caller ID since it deters opportunistic or malicious callers who might not want to have their name revealed.

Usually, the recipient’s phone screen will show this information, allowing them to recognize the caller before picking up the phone. Most landlines and mobile phones, including iPhones, include the widely used caller ID feature. 


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What does the term ‘No collar id on iPhone’ mean?

No collar id on iPhone calls—also known as “private calls”—are phone calls where the caller has purposefully opted to withhold their phone number from the recipient. The iPhone substitutes “No collar id on iPhone” for the caller’s phone number when it receives a call with no collar id on iPhone.

What does ‘Unknown Caller Id’ mean?

An incoming call from a “Unknown Caller” on an iPhone often signifies that the caller is either using a landline number or an international number that your carrier does not recognize.

As a result, your phone’s screen does not show the caller’s name or phone number. A call may be marked as coming from a “Unknown Caller” for a number of reasons: 

  • The call is coming from a blocked number, which may belong to certain companies, groups affiliated with the government, or charities. 
  • The phone provider, such as some VoIP services, automated calls, or international calls, used to make the call does not support or transmit caller ID information.

Reasons of Receiving ‘No collar id on iPhone’ calls:

  • Caller has hidden their number: People may decide to block their phone number when making a call in order to keep their identity a secret or to safeguard their privacy. You can do this by calling a particular code (in the US, *67) before the recipient’s phone number.
  • The “show my caller id” option was disabled by the caller: Some callers might have opted to turn off the “Show My Caller ID” option in their phone’s settings, which would make it so that when they make a call, their identity is concealed.
  • Restricted or Private Numbers: Numbers that are limited or private by default may be used by some institutions or organizations to secure sensitive data or uphold secrecy, including hospitals, law enforcement offices, and private businesses.

Differences between the ‘No collar id on iPhone’ and ‘Unknown Caller Id’ on iPhone:

  • When you receive a call on your iPhone, the message “No collar id on iPhone” indicates that the caller has opted not to have their information displayed on your phone. 

This isn’t a negative thing because occasionally folks have good reasons to hide their caller ID. Scammers and other undesirable people can use it to conceal their identity, nevertheless.

  • On the other hand, an Unknown Caller indicates that the caller is calling you from a landline or that your sim carrier is unable to identify the caller’s phone number (international number). 

This can be the case if the number is brand-new or if it belongs to a landline. Another possibility is a faked number, which is a number that has been purposefully changed to appear to come from a reliable source.

Unknown callers may also be trustworthy, but you should still be wary if the number is unfamiliar to you. When a caller’s number appears as “No collar id on iPhone” or “Unknown Caller” on your iPhone, it is recommended to proceed with caution. It is advisable to let the call go to voicemail if you don’t recognize the number.

Later on, you can call the number to see if it’s a familiar one, or you can look up the number online to see if there are any warning signs.


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Does one require answering the unknown calls?

There is no prominent answer to this. This question is subject to vary since different people have different preferences. Some people feel comfortable talking over phone to an unknown number. For some other, they do not like being bothered by people whom they do not know. 

Be cautious not to expose yourself to telemarketers, cons, or other unwelcome calls if you choose to take calls from unknown numbers. Being wary while answering calls from unknown numbers is usually a smart idea.

You may typically block calls from unknown numbers on your phone if you’d prefer not to answer them. You won’t have to be concerned about unintentionally taking a call you don’t want.

Process to turn off the ‘Caller Id’ on iPhone:

You may disable caller id on your iPhone by following these easy steps if you don’t want it to be visible to other people:

  • Get your iPhone‘s Settings app open.
  • In the phone’s menu, select “Show My Caller ID.”
  • Toggle the button next to Show My Caller ID off next.

Your phone number will not be displayed when you make calls if you disable caller id. As a result, the person you are contacting won’t be able to see your phone number; instead, they will see “Unknown Caller.”

Does having a call from an unknown number mean that the number is saved in the phone?

No, it does not imply that you are in communication with them. When “No collar id on iPhone” is displayed on a call you receive, it typically signifies that the person phoning you has decided to have their information withheld or is using a service that prevents their number from being displayed on your phone.

Usually, this is done to protect the caller’s privacy or to hide the caller’s identity from the recipient. It makes no difference if you have the caller’s phone number saved in your contacts or not.

Is it possible to connect back to an unknown number?

You can use your iPhone to call back an unknown number. However, you might want to exercise caution before phoning back if the number is connected to a scam or any questionable activity.

To determine if the number raises any cautionary tales, you may also try looking it up online.


An unknown caller and no collar id on iPhone are thus two distinct things. No collar id on iPhone indicates that the caller has decided not to have their information displayed, whilst unknown caller indicates that your sim carrier does not recognize the phone number.

Both of these may come from reliable sources, but you should proceed with care if the number doesn’t seem right. This is a perfect post to know about what does no caller ID mean on iPhone

We hope this post was useful to you. Please get in touch with us if you have any more inquiries. We wish you our heartfelt Gratitude for your patience and inquisitiveness. 


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