Top 15 Websites to Use as a Alternative Of Zooqle.Com in 2024

Websites to Use as a Alternative Of Zooqle.Com

All About / zooqle is an online streaming website to watch any Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies or web series anytime. The users can easily watch their favorite series and TV shows at their home only. The website is not available on the internet for a few days or months, so it is impossible to enjoy the favorite shows.

The government authorities ban the website, so the users could not access it, and there is no confirmation that when the website is going to work or they may transfer to another website.

Best similar alternative torrent websites like / zooqle

Today, we are providing 15 websites that are the best alternatives to, and users can use them anytime. So read the article entirely and choose the best site for yourself.

Pirate Bay

One drawback of using Pirate Bay is that it doesn’t give you a Metalink. Instead, you’ll be made to download the file directly that that’s not too bad. But a Metalink will allow one to download the file considerably faster. This is one of the main complimentary torrent sites online. It is a user-contributed platform which means anyone can incorporate a torrent inside this site to share with the world. That you won’t need to sign into to download a torrent.

ISO Hunt

There are several legal difficulties concerning its URL shift. Nonetheless, it remains active and also a beneficial torrent resource. ISO Hunt can be just really a superb torrent source for those who want the most current movies or television episodes. Its record list is more refreshed regularly in contrast to other torrent sites. This is among those new names from the torrent market. Despite its youth, it is shut down; however, it surely could keep coming straight back with a brand fresh and improvised URL.


For example, if you searched for Star Wars, if you’d like the eBook version rather than the film, you merely need to head over to the Books vertical search. Top looks like the interface of this Google search engine. And like any internet search engine, iDope additionally gives you a few vertical search options once you look for a certain title. This will let you readily go to the type of document which you require.

Kickass Torrent

Very similar to Zooqle, kickass Torrents can be among the primary torrent sites we understand. It has been closed down before, but the dog owner of this site was ready to re-launch the platform working with a brand new URL. Despite the simple design and interface, it provides a complete list of files that range from movies, eBooks, applications, etc.


On the site, you may get a chart that exemplifies popular torrent downloads. You could even explore various torrent files with different folders. The platform is thought to be a comprehensive resource for torrent files as it also scratches content from different sites. It is recommended to download and put in a VPN program before making any connections with this site to shield your identity.

Lime Torrent

In case it regards confirmed Torrent sites to use instead of Zooqle, LimeTorrents is an excellent option. That is why I’ve I’ve given it at the first choice. LimeTorrents can be your verified torrent supplier inside the industry of films, programs, TV shows, applications, movies, and a lot more. LimeTorrents is secure to use the torrent website because it’s been approved by Google, which will not possess any malware which harms users. Additionally, it will be possible for those receiving legitimate and mature free torrent contents.


It’sIt’s undoubtedly the leading service and comprises tens of thousands of consumers worldwide who’re using it to find torrent files. 1337x is just a favourite torrent search engine which innovates features to provide great quality torrent articles. On the list of vital benefits of the website, the contents are available in two different formats, including, i.e., torrent connection and magnet connection. Ergo, you’ll be able to choose either substitute for stream the flow of their content.


Torrent is one of the giant platforms which are reportedly the strongest and booming search engine of torrent files. It is a highly powerful platform with innumerable contents offered for you. All sorts of torrent contents you will arrive here. Thus, it could be called on the list of greatest websites like Zooqle.


ExtraTorrent could be the entire world’s top impartial torrent search engine to offer superior torrent articles. It’sIt’s referred to as a supplier of their first torrent files. It provides to the clients at no cost. ExtraTorrent is on the list of perfect websites where you might download any form of torrent files since it’s this huge record of torrent contents.


IsoHunt is an online torrent supplier recorded as one of those accredited Peer indeed to search motors that help you locate a few outstanding and verified torrent records of one’s desire. You will have the ability to download Anime, Movies, songs, older and assorted sorts of additional torrent articles.


If your only concern for torrent downloads are all pictures, YTS would be a superb choice. It features a straightforward interface that allows you to seamlessly look over various movie titles that you can download on your PC. You get to download pictures in HD quality at the smallest size. Besides this extra space you will save, you may even experience a fast download.


The site includes torrent recommendations on the homepage. You can sign up if you would like to upload the torrent to the public. But if your sole goal is to put in some files for yourself, enrollment isn’t necessary. The interface is simple and easy to browse. You’ll find tabs on torrent-related information and top-100 downloads.

Torrent Galax

This is just a torrent site for several sorts of files. You can begin downloading without a free account, but should you like to participate in the discussion section, you want to enrol. There are lots of adverts at this stage. The internal team also supplies you with their self-developed VPN you could utilize to maintain your information safe whilst researching torrents.

Magnet DL

An individual could call it a slick website. It is thought of as an enormous directory of magnet connections. And therefore, download time is even faster than the other torrent websites. Nevertheless, to download a document, you want to get a BitTorrent client on your PC. If you’re interested in finding video content, then you’ll have the choice to put it through a primary connection or stream the video.

PCGames Torrent

You do not have to make an account to start downloading. There’s also a schooling tab for installing the torrents. Game updates are regularly refreshed as well. This is just a torrent site that completely accommodates PC game downloads. The interface is easy to navigate despite its creative design. The match torrents are coordinated per genre. You may have lots of pick from anime to VR games.


The file list is regularly refreshed. And thus, you may count the most recent releases to be available on this site. The platform will be fast to load with zero adverts. ETTV can be a simplistic website that delivers an extensive array of torrent downloads that you do not have to make an account to get started. It is only mandatory if you will be participating in the forum section.


All the above sites have many mirror sites and perfect for users looking for torrent websites. Well, we don’t promote illegal website or copyright content. All the above information are based on users requirement, and we suggest users not to use such website and if they use then must use some precautions that make them safe. If you have some suggestions or questions, then share them with us.


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