Top 15 Best Offline Games for girls on Android [2024]

Top 15 Best Offline Games for girls on Android [2021]

Here are the list of Best Offline Android Games for Girls to play

Games are always considered the best option for leisure time. Our Gaming industry has made some serious developments in the last few recent years. Playing games is loved not only by boys but also by girls now. For instance, PUBG (Players Under Battlegrounds) showed a massive increase in the number of girls playing the game. But most of the girls play girly games, such as Barbie, cooking, make-up, etc. So here we have covered the same for you, 15 Best Offline Games for girls.

So without wasting any of our precious time, let’s get started.

Best free games for girls on Android

Below we have compiled an entire list of the best offline android games for girls for free. All are ranked among the best Google Play games and you would certainly enjoy playing these. We have also given a brief description of every game and its download link as well. To save yourself some effort and time, just click on the game’s name and it’ll open up in Google Play Store. Download it from there. So take a look at all the free girls games below and choose your favorite one.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush has proved itself to be one of the best classic mobile games ever. At the time of its release, people went very crazy about this game, particularly girls. Having more than 1 Billion downloads on Google Play Store, it’s still worth playing and many are still addicted to this game. This is the sweetest puzzle game! Just switch, match & blast candies to win levels, and trust us, it’s another level of fun beating your friend’s level in this game. Even if you have already played it before, start playing it again and refresh your memories.

Size: 73 Mb


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Cooking Games- Sweet Cookies

As the name suggests, it’s a cooking game, basically a cookie cooking game. This expert-approved game is among those fun games for girls where you can cook their own cookies, stylize them, and beautify them as per your choice. There are only 3 easy steps in this game. First, shop for everything you need, then bake cookies, and at last, decorate them as you wish to. You can make the best cookies in a softie, stars, and candy shape.

Size: 62 Mb

Fruit Ninja

You all must have already heard of this game before. With over 500 Million downloads, it ranks among the most downloaded best offline android games. This action arcade game is not as easy as it seems. What do you have to do? Just slide on your phone over the fruit to cut it. But here’s the twist, as soon as you accidentally cut a bomb rather than a fruit, Game Over. Yeah, this is it.

Size: 136 Mb

Farmville 2: Country Escape

Fed up of your boring lives? Escape to a whole new world of farming. Most of the girls are in love with growing plants and this game is the same. You’re sent to a village and there, you have to grow your own farms and bring greenery. The earlier version of this game was a tremendous hit and now that it returned with an updated version, people love it more than the previous one.

Size: 139 Mb


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Angry Birds 2

Everyone has played this game at least once in their life. Angry Birds 2 is a classic slingshot game and one of the best offline games for android. Aim at the piggies and throw the angry birds at them. Every bird has a different power, choose yours wisely and kill all the pigs as they’re your enemies. With more than 100 Million downloads, this game is liked by almost all the boys and girls of all age groups. You can also play other games of Angry Birds, there are many.

Size: 226 Mb

Cut the Rope 2

A new one in the Cut The Rope franchise by ZeptoLab is here! If you have played any of the games from this award-winning franchise, then you must certainly try this one too. Join Om Nom and his friends in an even more great adventure. The game comprises 160 levels in all that’ll take you through forests, busy cities, underground tunnels, and junkyards. All this struggle for only one thing, Candy!

Size: 56 Mb

Pet Rescue Saga

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga, comes the game Pet Rescue Saga.

Humans, particularly girls,  are attached to animals or their pets, to be more precise. If you also love pets then this game is definitely for you. Even if you can’t have pets in real life, the game offers you virtual ones. Now you have to rescue your pets trapped in between the candies. Swap the colorful candies and rescue your pets.

Size: 92 Mb


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Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness is a Chef’s Restaurant game that allows you to cook dishes and become the Master Chef you’ve always wanted to be. Cook, Travel and explore restaurants around the world. The game brings out the inner chef of yours and gives you a chance to show your talent virtually. If you’re prompted by your parents to cook at home, well there’s no one to stop you here in the game.

Size: 153 Mb

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush

This stress reliever music game is perfect for all moods. It’s one of the best Google Play Games with more than 100 Million downloads. The game is easy yet challenging to play. Choose a song and then tap and drag the moving tiles to play your song. Don’t miss a tile or else you will lower your score. The best part is that now you can also upload your own song into the game and play tiles with it!

Size: 89 Mb

Fashion Show: Dress Up & Style Makeup

Girls often love to dress up as they really enjoy doing so in their leisure time. Well, now they can do it virtually. Fashion Show is among those fun games for girls that know no boundaries. You can style your girl the way you like, there’s no one to judge you. Also, you can apply the world’s best makeup and make your girl ready for the virtual Fashion show event.

Size: 138 Mb

My Talking Angela

You all might have played the game Talking Tom at least once in your life. My Talking Angela is much similar to it except it is one of the best games for girls for free. Now you’ll no longer feel lonely as Angela is here with you. The character not only interacts with you but also responses as per your actions. Also, there are so many things that you can do with Angela.

Size: 101 Mb


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If you love fishes, then this one’s for you. Fishdom is basically a Fish Puzzle game and one of those free girls games that allows you to create a living for the adorable fish. It is an exciting aquatic world where you have to swap and match the puzzle elements. Also, the game includes several minigames too that you’ll find even more thrilling.

Size: 142 Mb

Subway Princess Runner

You all must have heard and played the game Subway Surfers. This one’s just another version of it, a female version. It’s among those free offline games for Android that has crossed 100 Million downloads. Dive into this endless adventure and dodge every obstacle that you face. Score as high as you can and compete with your friends, which is another level of fun. You must try such new games for girl.

Size: 75 Mb

Cooking Talent- Restaurant Fever

Enter a whole new virtual world where you own a luxury restaurant. You gotta cook some delicious food for your lovely customers and impress them with your cooking skills. This genre is the best one for girly games as girls love cooking more than anything. You have to cook all types of dishes for your hungry guests and don’t make them wait for long.

Size: 82 Mb

Klondike Solitaire on Solitaired 

An excellent choice for players of all skill levels, Klondike is a variant of the classic Solitaire card game. The goal is simple, arrange all your cards in the four foundation piles. However, strategy and luck also play a large factor in the game. Once downloaded, the game can be played offline where users can access strategies and save their gameplay for later. You can also play Klondike Solitaire online at their website.

Size: 78 Mb

Conclusion (Final Thoughts)

So now you have looked properly at our list of best offline games for girls. These are the most downloaded and the most rated ones on Google Play Store that girls would certainly love to play. We hope that you’ve got your type of game and that now you’ll no longer be bored sitting at your home. These free offline games for Android are suitable for girls, but most of them can be played by both boys and girls of all age groups.

If you like a puzzle game, choose between Candy Crush or Pet Rescue Saga. If you love cooking, then pick up Cooking Madness or Cooking Talent. If you’re fond of music, then Tiles Hop: EDM Rush is perfect for you. Or you can choose from the others as well, all are satisfactory.

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