Insanely Useful iPhone Tips That You May like to Know About

Useful iPhone Tips

Many of us use our phones without recognizing how many valuable functions they have. Some are simple to locate, while others require you to view one or more instructional videos. We’ve put together a list of insanely useful iPhone tips that you may not know about. 

Dive into this article to find out about the tricks that will make your life a bit easier!

Calculator Trick

Calculations might be frustrating, and what boon it is to have calculators on our phones! When using calculators, especially on our phones, we’re all likely to make basic mistakes. Did you know that you don’t have to press C every time you mistype a number? You can erase the last number entered rather than resetting the entire value.

Swipe left or right on the calculator display panel to delete the last number, and now you are good to go.

Move Contacts To New iPhone?

You don’t have to hassle if you have got a new phone and you are wondering how to transfer all contacts from iPhone to iPhone. Transferring contacts to a new iPhone is as simple as backing your existing iPhone up and turning your new one on. Here’s how to back your iPhone up with iCloud sync:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Select your Apple ID name banner at the top of the screen
  • Select “iCloud” 
  • Choose “iCloud Backup”
  • Select “Back Up Now”

Block Data Usage On Specific Apps

How many times have you scrolled reels on Instagram and lost your data? That’s insane if you are starting your day! Many times when you are watching videos on YouTube on your phone, you might quickly exhaust your data. There are several ways to turn off your data for specific apps and here we have brought the easiest way to do so!

However, there is a way to block certain apps from using your data. Go to the Settings app > Click on the Cellular Data For section > Click on Cellular and disable cellular data usage for specific apps > Choose the apps which you don’t want to use your data in the background. It is especially beneficial if you’re nearing the end of your monthly data balance.


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Snap a photo while shooting a video

What a privilege it is to snap a photo while recording your cat! That’s right, you read it accurately. iPhones allow you to record video and take a photo simultaneously. This iPhone tip and trick example is easy to overlook.

If you want to do it, it’s pretty simple once you know the tips and tricks. You’ll see another button beside the record button when you’re recording a video. To capture a quick photo without disrupting your video recording, hit the other button and voila! You have got a photo of your cat and a recording of him licking himself too!

Clear App Memory

It may appear like your iPhone is slowing down at times which could be resolved by deleting the app’s memory. You can do this by holding down the Sleep button until the Slide to Power Off slider displays. When the slider appears, you must press and hold the Home button until your iPhone returns to the home screen.

The apps have been deleted out of memory after your phone is returned to the Home screen. Your device should feel speedier as a result of this.

Close All Tabs Open In Safari

While using Safari to browse the web, you may not notice that you have opened far too many tabs. There is, however, a way to close all of the tabs at once.

Multiple tabs open in your browser might be a bit bothering for every one of us. If you want to close multiple tabs in one go, you need to push down on the tabs button at the bottom-right of the screen. Then you will see two options: “New Tab” and “Close X Tabs.”

Enhancing Photos

Did you know that the Photos app in your iPhone allows you to make any changes to your photos? Open the Photos app, click on your favorite photo, and then tap on the slider icon.

The first option allows you to crop, rotate, and modify the angle from there. The second option allows you to apply a unique filter to your image. You can alter the lighting, color, and black-and-white settings with the third option. And the fourth option lets you open your photo in a third-party app or activate the “Markup” feature, which allows you to enhance your photos with text, sketches, doodles and magnification.


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How To Charge Your Phone Very Quickly

Imagine you have to attend a party and your phone is dead, panic situation, isn’t it? If you need to power up your phone quickly, you might want to consider temporarily switching it to Airplane Mode. Your device may still be linked to Wi-Fi when in Airplane Mode. However, incoming cellular phone calls will not operate, and you will be unable to connect via cellular data.

What are your thoughts on these tricks? Were you aware of the majority of them? Which of the iPhone’s secret features do you prefer? Let us know if we have missed anything!


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