Top 5 IPhones’ Common Problems Face By Users And It’s Solutions To Fix It

Top 5 IPhones Common Problems Face By Users And Its Solutions To Fix It

Find here IPhones’ Common Problems Face By Users And It’s Solutions To Fix It

Many iPhone users may have already encountered a problem or two with their phones. And while it is natural that machines and any other technological advancement like smartphones experience glitch and issues, some have become very common that almost all users experience it.

Troubleshooting and fixing some of your iPhone’s problem can be easy and does not require the necessary trip to any of Apple Service Center or make a phone call to Apple Support. Some solutions can be done by just doing simple tricks while some may require a bit of your confidence.


So, here are five of the iPhones’ common problems most users face and possible solutions to easily fix it.

1 : Battery Life Problems

One of the most common which you have probably experienced first-hand is your iPhone battery draining fast. There could be a few reasons why you are experiencing this. It may be caused by unwanted apps that you have installed or some intensive process or a much greater underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

Possible Solution

Check your battery life by waiting for it. If it only lasts half as long as it should be, you have to figure out if you are using twice as much battery life you regularly need. Stop using your phone, take note of how much of your battery is still left then leave for a minimum of 20 minutes. After leaving it for some time, check the amount of battery while on standby and if it does not change a bit, your phone is probably okay and you are just using it so much.

But if your phone drained fast even if you are not using it, then you can check some unwanted apps that use too much of your battery life on the background. Identify and remove these apps and do a quick factory reset.


2 : Lost Data

Yet another common problem of iPhone that makes users scratch their heads in frustration is losing all saved data after doing an update. Videos, photos, contact and even messages sometimes cannot be found after getting a new version of your IOS.

Possible Solution

The solution to this problem is quite easy if you have done a backup in your iCloud. You just have to sync your device to iCloud-iPhone to restore your lost data. Since it can be a bit time consuming, you can this overnight while you sleep.


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3 : Overheating iPhone

The issue of overheating iPhone has been pouring for quite a while now. Many have expressed fear and disappointment as their device turn too hot to be touched and even displays the message “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”. Some worst cases even reported an explosion.

Possible Solution

Fix your overheating iPhone by taking it to a cooler environment. If you are located in a sunny window, try moving to a cooler part of your room or if you are outside, try to move to a share. If the hot temperature persists, try to remove your iPhone from its case and consider switching it off. Stop charging if it is plugged in and stop using applications that may cause intensive activities to its CPU like Google Maps, Facebook videos, and games that are played for a long period. You can also try to switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection and turn it into airplane mode.


4 : Wi-Fi Not Getting Connected

You have been using the same connection with the same password almost every day and then suddenly, your phone won’t let you connect to it. Many users have experienced this after doing an update to their iOS.

Possible Solution

The first you can do to address this problem and is quite simple is to turn the Wi-Fi off and restart your phone. Once you’re done with the restart, you should be able to connect to your Wi-Fi already. You can also check for your router if it is working fine, updated to the latest firmware and support Apple products. If your Wi-fi router is just fine and you are still having a hard time connecting, scroll down to your iPhone Setting, go to Wi-Fi and change the HTTP proxy to auto settings in “Reset Network Settings”.

Still not working, try upgrading to a newer version or go back and restore an earlier version.


5 : Not Getting Charged

Many have experienced plugging their iPhones to charge but only to be dismayed to find it is not working. While many might think that they need a new battery whenever their phone stopped charging even if plugged in, there are many reasons for it and a possible solution that can be done even at home. One common reason is when you put your phone in your bag or pocket and small debris comes in contact with its charging port.

Possible Solution

For this problem, you can just gently wipe your charging port from any debris and to remove dust. To do this better, you can grab a flashlight to look closely at the charging port. If you see any lint or gunk stuck in it, you need to brush it out by using a newly opened toothbrush. If it does not work, you can also check if the lightning cable is damage since it is prone to fraying. If you see any sign of wear at the end that connects to your iPhone, then you need to get a new cable already.


Final Thoughts

These are only five of the most common problems you may encounter while using an iPhone. These solutions may be effective to some but if you not confident enough to try this on your own, you can always help of professionals to avoid damaging your phone for good.


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