The Integumentary System and its problems

Are you anxious about not being able to make it to conference calls or important dates because of the oily skin? Are you afraid to go out and attend parties where people of your ages have bold hair while you are getting bald? Are you worried about the yellowing or discoloration of nails?  

Don’t feel low, because we’re here to get you the subtle signature of self-confidence. Let’s find the best dermatologist on Lavelle road, Bangalore, together. Dermatologist in Lavelle road are very easy to find, and charge low. 

What is the integumentary system?

The integumentary system primarily consists of your hairs, skin, nails, and the endocrine glands. Hairs, nails, and skin protect your body from the outer world, which has lots and lots of harmful bacteria. It protects your body from temperature changes, infection and virus invasions, dehydration.

It protects your body’s living tissues and cells, stores water and fat, and simultaneously causes disposal of water materials. Therefore, the system is highly responsive to help you survive. And we are supposed to protect the system by any means.

What can Integumentary elements problems one face?

The integumentary system may be vulnerable to multifarious problems like face ageing, wrinkling of the skin, acne, eczema, red lumps on the skin, psoriasis, etc. Skin cancers like melanoma, squamous or basal cell carcinoma, metastasis, etc., skin burns, injuries, deep cuts or wounds, sores, scars, or calluses are few. 

Similarly, your hairs may break, fall, damage, recede, discolor, or change colors. Also, nails may start breaking, discoloring, rotting, or just never growing back! Are you afraid to even think of these problems? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Whom should you look for to treat your integumentary system problems?

A dermatologist is a specialized doctor who deals with problems, disorders, and conditions related to skin, nails, and hair. Technically, dermatologists deal with integumentary systems. He can treat more than 3000 skin problems, while also looking for signs of whether your skin or nails are affected. 

Therefore, a dermatologist can save you before it is too late. You can find dozens of dermatologists in Lavelle road.

Why choose a dermatologist in Lavelle Road?

Lavelle Road, Bangalore, is quite infamous as one of the upmarket residential and commercial streets. Named after an Italian soldier, Lavelle Road is just 60 miles away from Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka. The city is at the heart of Bangalore. It is known for being state-of-the-art by the people of Bangalore. 

Therefore, we can safely say that you would not have a hard time finding a dermatologist in Lavelle road. There are many best dermatologists in Lavelle road. Lavelle road is one of the most expensive localities and streets in Bangalore. But dermatologists in Lavelle road charge low.

Average costs charged by dermatologists in Lavelle Road 

Dermatologists in Lavelle Road can charge anywhere between Rs. 500-600 per patient. This price can vary from doctor to doctor because they set their standard fees. However, dermatologists in Lavelle Road may charge more for the medicines you purchase from them. 

Some beginner dermatologists in Lavelle Road may even charge less than Rs. 350 per patient., while a professional practitioner may cost more than Rs. 600-1000/-.

Some of the best dermatologists in Lavelle Road

Here is a list of a few recommended dermatologists in Lavelle Road. We found that their patients are really happy with their services and hospitality. However, we could not find their immediate fees somehow.

  • Dr. Madhulika Mohanty

— MBBS, DCH, DALM, Dermatology (Skin)

— 8years of experience

— Expertise in Skin Diseases, Fillers, Lifts, Cosmetics, Pimple and Acne, Laser treatment, Scars, and peels

  • Dr. Parinitha Rao

— MBBS, MD in dermatology (skin)

— 10+years of experience

— Expertise in skin tag, Hair fall treatment, skin boosters, wart/mole/acne treatment, Botox and fillers, biopsy, pigmentation

  • Dr. Chytra V Anand

— MBBS, D.D., MSC, Dermatology (Skin)

— 22+years of experience

— Expertise in Botox and Fillers, peels, Hair fall, Microdermabrasion, Pigmentation treatments

  • Dr. M.K. Shetty

— DVD, M.D., MBBS, Dermatology (Skin)

— 20+years of experience

— Expertise in acne, hair fall, and skincare treatments, mole surgeries

  • Dr. Rustom A. Tehrani

— MBBS, DVD, MD in Dermatology (Skin)

— 37+years of experience

— Expertise in various skin lifts & diseases, Dimpleplasty, scars and peel treatments, cauterization and cyst excision, tattoo removal

  • Dr. Vivekananda Bhatt

— MBBS, MS – General Surgery

— 17+years of experience

— Expertise in skin & hair treatments, plastic surgery

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