Is it possible to whiten the skin? If you are thinking about the possibilities, then you will find the solution in this article. Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it usually gets darker whenever your skin is exposed to environmental factors. The pigment called melanin is responsible for the colour of your skin, which means higher the melanin, darker the colour.

What causes the skin to go darker?

It doesn’t matter about your natural skin tone, but it does matter when the standard skin colour goes down due to various reasons. But how does it happen? It is due to the accumulation of melanin in the subdermal layer of your skin. Some factors, including UV rays from sunlight, heat or chemicals those contain free radicals may induce oxidation in the skin cells. It influences the excessive stimuli, which reduce the complexion and quality of your skin.

How could you save your skin?

Apart from the various home remedies, the practical option we suggest will be the different skin whitening treatments. As technology develops, the therapy could provide high quality to your skin while not compromising on its health. It could be done for both men and women.

Generally, skin whitening treatment is a combination of both chemical and natural ingredients. They will reduce the amount of melanin which in turn would lighten your skin. However, you don’t need to worry about any harmful effects as they are entirely safe. 

What are the types of Skin whitening treatment?

Once you decided to go for this treatment, then it would be better if you know about the various types in it. You can undergo any of the following available types of skin whitening treatment,

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel treatment or chem exfoliation or derma peeling is a technique which involves the insertion of a chemical solution to the skin. The process would dissolve and remove the dark outer layer of the skin. After the treatment, you might be facing peeling, scaling and redness in the skin for about a week.  

But you can get medications to compress these effects. The treatment would be painful and would take hours to complete. The burning sensation is due to the regeneration of skin cells by themselves.


Glutathione related treatments such as glutathione shots and injections would give permanent effect on your skin. A natural antioxidant in the body, Glutathione could act against the free radicals and reduce melanin production, which makes healthy skin. When the person gets older, the Glutathione will decrease and will lead to the darker complexion. But using the prescribed glutathione medication by the dermatologists would give a long-lasting and permanent solution to the issue. 

Laser Skin whitening treatment

Laser skin whitening treatment is another method which provides a permanent solution to the darker skin. It removes the irregular skin through the concentrated beam of light. The layer would be getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines, acne and any other scars. Using the sedatives and local anaesthesia would help to minimize the pain during the process.

The skin should be taken care of with utmost care for a week or three weeks. The person may experience swelling, redness bruising sometimes which could be treated with the dermatologists.


Dermabrasion is a  procedure that involves the surgical removal of the first top layer of the skin. It is generally performed on the specific part of the skin, and this method is an effective way to treat acne and other scars. The skin will get a smooth and sharp feature in no time once the surgery is performed. The cost and the recovery time of this procedure depend on the area to be treated.

Now, are you looking for the best Skin whitening treatment in Bangalore? In recent days, the skin whitening treatment in Bangalore is reaching its new popularity, and people choosing the method are also getting increased day by day. It won’t hurt people to live up with their skin tone, but still, the skin whitening method would boost up the self-confidence and would make you more beautiful. 

The cost of the treatment could vary based on the type of treatment you chose and the type of your skin. So, if you are planning to get skin whitening treatment in Bangalore, you can find numerous experienced dermatologists who offer video consultation too. People from all over India prefer to get their skin whitening treatment in Bangalore. With proper guidance and advice, it’s highly possible to provide the best treatment for your skin as it deserves.

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