Safe Driving Practices That Could Save Your Life

Safe Driving Practices That Could Save Your Life

Road safety should be a priority for every driver. Sadly, more than 38,000 people die in road accidents annually on US roadways, the Association for Safe International Road Travel reveals. Adopting responsible driving practices can help ensure the safety of you and your passengers and minimize the risk of accident and injury.

Wear your seatbelt properly

Seatbelts save lives — as many as 15,000 lives every year. If a traffic accident occurs, seat belts keep both drivers and passengers inside the vehicle, restrain the strongest parts of the body (hips and shoulders), and help slow the body down after impact so injuries aren’t as severe. Seat belts also crucially protect the brain and spinal cord. However, they need to be worn correctly in order to work properly. This means the shoulder belt should be positioned across your chest and shoulders rather than your neck. Seat belts should also never be placed under the arms or behind the back.

Eliminate distractions

2,841 people are killed every year in the US as a result of distracted driving, according to the NHTSA. Technology commonly plays a role in distracted driving. By switching to hands-free gadgets, you can stay better focused on the road: bluetooth headsets, for example, let you talk on the phone while keeping your hands on the wheel. However, even so, your phone should only be used during emergencies while driving — this is a legal requirement in several jurisdictions.

Know how to handle an accident

Even with cautious driving and responsible precautions, traffic accidents can potentially still happen through no fault of your own. Being prepared with the knowledge of how to act in this situation can ensure you get the right help as soon as you need it, JJS Law Firm advises. If there are any injuries, call 911 as soon as you can for medical help. The police should also be contacted: they’ll write up a report detailing the accident. Getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer can help ensure you file a claim correctly. You’ll find that your insurance company tries to limit the amount of compensation you’re owed, whereas a lawyer will fight to protect your rights.

Responsible driving is essential for improving road safety. By adopting smart driving practices, you can stay safe on the road and avoid accidents and injury.


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