Typical Bloopers Business Make While Implementing Marketing Strategies on Instagram 

Business Make While Implementing Marketing Strategies on Instagram 

With its one billion monthly active users, Instagram’s popularity has exceeded all expectations. The photo-centric social media platform built for exclusive use on smartphones has not only taken its users by storm but also businesses, big and small, of which there are as many as 25 million vying for customers’ attention. Even though Instagram delivers a great opportunity for brands to build their presence and engage users for building brand reputation, there are many businesses whose marketing campaigns simply do not give them the expected returns. It is largely due to some common mistakes that can be easily side-stepped if you are aware of them.

Leaving Your Bio Incomplete

The work of marketing on Instagram begins with setting up your business account with a bio that is not only appealing but also contains all the relevant information required by users to know what the business does and how they can benefit by associating themselves with it. The trick to building a bio is to keep the narration crisp and to the point in a language that everyone can easily understand. Make the maximum use of the available space by including hyperlinks to your product pages instead of detailed descriptions. Introduce proper spacing as well as emojis, if warranted, to make it easier for viewers to read and assimilate the bio contents.


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Not Being Responsive 

You mustn’t make the mistake of treating your posts as a one-way communication for product promotion. Rather, the key to successful Instagram marketing is elevating the engagement with your followers that over time will build brand credibility and customer loyalty. Your intention of posting high-quality content on your Instagram account is not merely to draw appreciative glances but to engage users to like, comment, and share the posts. When a user comments on your post, you should respond to it appropriately as promptly as you can. By responding to the comments, you show that you care for the sentiments of customers and will take the effort to resolve issues that they may be facing. By being responsive to customer feedback, you can convert customers with complaints to satisfied ones who will recommend you to others. Remember, enduring brand reputation is built by building relationships with customers.

Content Strategy That Does Not Engage

Marketing on Instagram is all about customer engagement. Unless you take care to ensure that the content you post is relevant to the target audience, add value to them, and are entertaining, users will not view them. If you post content that they cannot relate to, it is natural that users will avoid seeing your posts. Better engagement can also be achieved by ensuring that you post consistently and logically. Remember, your intention of posting on Instagram is to increase brand awareness and drive conversions so you need to post regularly to make your brand memorable but no so frequently that your posts are perceived to be intrusive and irritating. Do not make the mistake of repeating content that you have posted recently as it will be interpreted that you have run out of ideas. You should only repeat images when it makes sense or as a throwback to some earlier event. In case, you require your engagement rate to get a boost, you can buy Instagram likes from real followers quite cheaply.


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Posting Irrelevant and Poor-Quality Images

Instagram has been a runaway success only because of its photo-centric focus that was radically different from all the other social media networks. Because of the flood of posts, it is natural that only the most visually arresting images are likely to be noticed by users in their Instagram feed. This makes it vital for Instagram marketers to ensure that they post only images that are not only relevant to the target audience but also of high-quality. Poor-quality images are skipped by users and damage the brand reputation as they look unprofessional and are interpreted to reflect the quality of the products. Even though the new-age smartphones pack in a lot of punch in their cameras, you should engage a professional to shoot photographs exclusively for posting on Instagram. According to https://www.huffpost.com, you can find a lot of online resources to improve the image quality. Never make the mistake of assuming that users don’t care about the image quality. It is also important not to go wild on the use of filters to beautify the images. Rather, you should standardize the looks of your posts and use only one type of filter to reinforce your branding and ensure that your posts pop out in the feeds of users.

Not Making Proper Use of Hashtags

The search function on Instagram would be crippled had it not been for hashtags. Even though marketers know the vital importance of hashtags, they end up either using irrelevant ones or not using them at all. The trick to making the maximum impact with your hashtags is to make them short, relevant, and easily searchable. You should use a balanced mix of popular and business-specific hashtags so that users can easily discover posts according to the topic they choose. The biggest advantage of using hashtags to search is that users can discover new content, which means that you need to include many different hashtags as you can imagine for the best chance of being discovered. The more your posts show up on the feeds of users, the better the chances of users clicking on the website link or shopping directly on Instagram. While the limit imposed by Instagram on the number of hashtags is 30, it is not wise for marketers to exceed seven to eleven in the caption as it makes the post look clumsy. If you feel the need to use more hashtags, you can include them in the comments section rather than cluttering up the image caption.


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Marketing on Instagram is not rocket science; however, you need to be alert and follow the trends and developments to make maximum use of opportunities to engage your audience. While you must focus on posting original, high-quality, and engaging content, it is also important that you avoid making mistakes that can take the steam out from your efforts and dilute your ROI.


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