Several Models Unbeatable Blackberry Porsche Design in Las Vegas

Several models unbeatable Blackberry Porsche Design in Las Vegas

While blackberry smart phones keep evolving in their designs and features, the users were even further reinforced with the launch of several Blackberry Porsche smart phones consecutively. These smart phones are considered a round-up of best technological pieces. It is again happening that people are having words of ‘blackberry design models’ on their lips.

A series of Blackberry Porsche Design in Las Vegas– launched in several periods – have helped the company revive the interests of people.Following are details about features and specs of all smart phones in the series.

BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981

This amazing grey black smart phone was launched in October 2011 with its traditional QWERTY keyboard and light weight of 155 grams only.Plus, Porsche Design P9981 is featured with 8 GB and 768 MB RAM. Camera is specified by 5 mega pixels, geo-taking and IOS as well. When a device is fitted with OS 7.0 and 1.2 GHz, it is definitely a right choice. Lastly, it is presented at 24% off just 5799 USDs. You Can Know More Detail About Technology and all at

Blackberry Porsche DesignP9982

Released in silver in November 2013, it is featured with better features and specs as compared to its predecessor.It is as light as 140 grams phone backed by stainless steel body.On top of that, enhanced storage facility of 62 GB and 2GB RAM are alluring features. You can take wonderful images with 8 mega pixels of back camera and 2 mega pixels of front camera.Better specs such as 10.0 Blackberry OS and dual-core 1.5 GHz are a perfect obsession.


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Blackberry Porsche DesignP9983

Made available in October 2011, this Porsche phone has been launched with similar features of BlackBerry Porsche Design P9983 but specified by smaller display screen of 2.8 inches. This highly personalized device can be purchased at 5399 USDs, enjoying 23% off on its original price. It is the best Blackberry Porsche Design in Las Vegas.



In the last but not the least, these several models of Blackberry Porsche Design in Las Vegas are the best smart phones for all those who want to experience blackberry in new way. Which model are you buying now?

The cell phones by BlackBerry are far-famed for his or her individuality and innovative options. With these high finish cell phones, the corporate is additionally producing a mobile for the posh lovers. These designer devices are a requirement to possess device for the design-minded and elite category individuals. These handsets are beguiling and by holding it in your hand you’ll be able to catch the eye of many eyes. This phone is that the results of collaboration between analysis in Motion and also the sports whole Porsche style. The Porsche style P’9981 may be an excellent mixture of perform and kind. It assembled in Europe and is catching the eye of all.

RIM is thought for the stylish and useful cell phones. The Porsche style P’9981 Smartphone is that the best partner for the business category. The phone showcases a body created of stainless-steel and gold. The rear panel is hand crafted with prime quality animal skin. It conjointly possesses QWERTY keyboards, the buttons of that are optical maser cut and unfit in gold.


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