Top 8 Video Software for Linux

Video Software for Linux

Have you thought about the benefits of a free OS? Linux users name several advantages of the open-source operating system: ease of use and configuration, security, reliability, stability. What about free software? In this article, we will look at 8 software options for Linux to work with video. Take a look at new perspectives.

Which video editor is best for Linux?

Video editing skills are required in many modern professions. But the level of knowledge and functionality of the software is different. Therefore, consider various tools that are united by one common characteristic. If you are a fan of Linux, then this list of video editors is for you.


Let’s start with OpenShot. If you are looking for a free video editor with an elementary user’s interface, then this is it. Clear documentation will help the beginner to cope with the first steps. Well, of course, OpenShot works with free OS & open source.

OpenShot’s Specifications

  • The multiplatform resource that works with different operating systems (it is liked by users of Linux, Mac, Windows).
  • Video trimming, effects, audio processing are available.
  • 3D animation for your videos if you need to add fun.
  • Unlimited tracks if you want to overlay sounds or background video and protect your content with watermarks.
  • Create titles or use the templates provided by the resource.
  • Available in many languages ​​and intuitive for the user.

OpenShot is also called a universal video editor for the average request. Probably, this free video editor will not suit you for professional film editing. Here you will not make a product of a high level, which is called by friends through the watch video. But you can save important moments for yourself.


Kdenlive is open-source software. The developers have presented this resource for video editing as free forever. Therefore, the features of the free version are at the same time a full set of functionality. Sounds great! This is a multifunctional product that works with various video formats.

Kdenlive’s Specifications

  • This software allows you to edit videos in multitrack mode.
  • Wide choice of audio and video formats.
  • Easily add text and images to videos.
  • Extensive opportunities to use effects and adjust transitions for your videos.
  • Automatic saving of the content.

After digging well into the software, you will eventually set up a user-friendly interface. But there are too many features. For example, if you create a video to promote a product, you will never use many tools. At the same time, Kdenlive is far from making Hollywood movies.


The professional editor’s choice is Lightworks. This is software with a large set of features for nonlinear editing. Lightworks is not open source, but it works with Linux.

There are two video editors for media professionals:

  • Lightworks Free — free set of features for creating professional video content for 90 days (the number of registrations is unlimited, so it’s free forever);
  • Lightworks Create — paid version of the product with everything you need to create video content in the field of business promotion and education;
  • Lightworks Pro — extensive video capabilities and high-quality content (if you need video editing at the Hollywood level).

Lightworks’s Specifications

  • Works on familiar Windows or Mac operating systems, as well as open-source operating systems such as Linux.
  • Despite the wide range of tools, you can easily learn to use this resource.
  • Ready-made templates for video and audio content that will save you time.
  • Transfer videos to various resources (such as YouTube).
  • Wide selection of filters and effects.
  • You can use the program for free for only 9 days (suitable for training and short-term projects).

To learn how to edit videos, you can read the documents or watch Lightworks video tutorials. Video editing is an important skill for professionals in the field of IT, digital marketing, and other popular professions.

DaVinci Resolve

Hollywood’s professionals use this tool. DaVinci Resolve is not open source, but a free version with limited functionality has been released for free operating systems.

DaVinci Resolve’s Specifications

  • The professional resource that combines tools for editing frames, color correction, visual and audio effects, post-production.
  • Advanced video trimming feature.
  • Extensive audio overlay capabilities.
  • Edit frames from multiple cameras in real-time.
  • Transitions and filters.

Choose DaVinci Resolve for professional video work. If you don’t edit TV shows and movies, use something easier.


Blender is free video editing software. Initially, it was developed for 3D modeling. But later, this resource was supplemented with video processing tools.

Blenders Specifications

  • Real-time preview.
  • Built-in Cycles mechanism for ultra-realistic rendering.
  • A complete set of simulation tools, including Python scripting for custom add-ons.
  • Blender includes a ready-made camera and tracking objects.
  • Professional level animation for commercials, short films, feature films, TV series.
  • Custom Python API settings from Blender.

With this free software feature, you can use the open-source OS for any purpose. Read about the benefits of Linux for gaming.


If you need very simple video editing software, this is VidCutter. With it, you can only combine and divide frames. But sometimes that’s all it takes, isn’t it?

VidCutter’s Specifications

  • It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Supports all common video formats.
  • You will understand the interface, even if your level of work with video is a beginner.
  • Limited functionality, only trims and merges videos.

Free software with limited functionality does not require special skills. Just download and work.

So, there are many things to choose from: from tools for easy home video cropping to professional resources for movie production. No restrictions for a free operating system like Linux.

Which screen recorder works on Linux?

If you are an online teacher or technical instruction writer, then all of the above is not for you. Some professions only need a screen recorder. Is it difficult to find one that is compatible with Linux?

OBS Studio

Next, let’s look at the screen recording software. You will need this free software to record online conferences, create online tutorials, and broadcast screen content on various platforms. Take a look at the easy-to-download and easy-to-use OBS Studio screen recorder. With it, you can quickly record, edit and broadcast the contents of your screen.

OBS Studio’s Specifications

  • You can edit the screen recording.
  • Sound layering options.
  • Lots of plugins, customizable interfaces, and hotkeys.
  • A free resource for creating videos without watermarks.
  • There is a lack of a training base or support service for beginners.

It will take some time to understand and customize the interface. But over time, you’ll appreciate the benefits of a handy free screen recorder with video editing features. 


If you need something simple to create screenshots, it’s Kazam. Free screen and audio recording software. Use it to create online lessons or video tutorials.

Kazam’s Specifications

  • Record the screen or part of it.
  • Record sound in parallel with screen recording.
  • An interface that is easy to understand.
  • It saves your videos immediately.
  • Delay function before screen recording starts.
  • If you record several places at the same time, the quality drops.

In general, it is a good screen recorder for daily tasks. How to share instructions with a colleague in a remote office. Kazam also runs a free OS.

Usually, Windows and Mac users download OBS Studio and Kazam. But they have one more feature: these products are on the list of the best screen recorders for Linux. Therefore, IT professionals who prefer Linux are willing to use one of them. 


As you can see, there are no problems with choosing a free video editor or a great screen recorder for open-source operating systems. Choose all the resources for your needs, from easy screen recording and video trimming to multifunctional resources for feature films.


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